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Think Vertical Garden Solutions will help you discover the hidden potential in your outdoor spaces.

With the modern trend to blur the boundary between indoor and outdoor living, it is important to create clever, multi use spaces. By blending edible plants with ornamentals and maintaining a focus on the practical as well as the visual, Think Vertical garden designs are scalable to suit the smallest balcony or large open space.

Emphasis is placed on areas providing comfort and shelter within the surrounds of nature for all seasons. All the while being mindful of the impact this has on the environment and how the resources are sourced.

Our design and construction team work closely with our clients, landscape architects and builders to ensure your dreams become a reality. Discover the natural elegance of a vertical garden, created exclusively for you by Think Vertical.

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Designer Vertical Gardens

Our Founder and Mentor

A passionate organic farmer and teacher for the past 12 years, Ian Moy owned and was custodian of an organic farm near Braidwood in Southern NSW, where he put into practice his knowledge of permaculture, biodynamics and other associated forms of land stewardship. On a 20 acre river flat Ian Moy grew 10 varieties of organic potatoes and commercial garlic, as well as seasonal vegetables which he successfully sold into the Canberra Region at Farmers markets and various cafes and restaurants. Ian also raised Dexter Cattle without the need of any industrial drenches or inoculations.

In 2004 Ian attended a Permaculture Design Course with renowned teachers David Holmgren and Darren Dougherty. Following on from this Ian attended various Biodynamic workshops and courses learning how to make and apply all the Biodynamic preparations, understanding rhythms and working by the lunar calendar.

In 2008 Ian attended the Regenerative Farm series of workshops, which included Keyline design with Darren Dougherty and international trainers on Holistic Management Biofertilisers along with a 2-day workshop with Joel Salatin of Polyface farms in Virginia USA. Ian also completed Holistic training with local Alan Savory and widely recognised trainer George Gundry.

In 2009 Ian worked with Michael Reynolds and his crew on earthships in Taos New Mexico and in 2013 travelled to California, Philadelphia and Maine where he worked with and held workshops with various organic farmers and attended farmers markets in Washington DC with New Morning Farm.

In 2014 Ian sold his farm and travelled Australia consulting to various farmers and communities. Ian continues to consult and is now on the team with Quantum Agriculture as a consultant with his mentor and good friends Hugh Lovell and Shabari Bird.

Ian has extensive knowledge in soil health, farm and garden planning and design and has designed and built gardens and edible food forests both in Australia and abroad.

Think Vertical is testament to Ian Moy’s passion for helping people as well as his background in edible gardens and organic farming.

Ian Mor - Owner Think Vertical
Think Vertical is a Social Enterprise - Empowering, Growning & Nourishing Community

Growing healthy communities

Think Vertical is a social enterprise skilling up primarily young people and seniors with awesome tools, social skills and training. The vision is to contribute to our communities in a positive way by building self esteem and responsibility that is vitally lacking in our Communities. Employees get valuable experience growing the plants, installing and maintaining the Vertical Gardens and Greensmart® Pots and a much needed sense of belonging with their coworkers and the community at large.

When you purchase from Think Vertical you are contributing to the health of your community and the individuals within it.

Real Organics! Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants!
Building Healthy Soil

As an organic farmer, Think Vertical founder Ian Moy has always focused on the health of the soil. It is a long held belief that living soil will provide the plant with everything it needs such that it’s immune system is at it’s optimum so it can ward off pests and disease. And it also then supplies NUTRIENT DENSE FOOD TO us.

This philosophy is key to the success of a Think Vertical garden and wicking beds. All Think Vertical gardens benefit from a unique organic mineral soil mix, developed by Ian to keep plants healthy and lush. Comprising of coconut coir, YLAD humic compost, composted soil, basalt dust, living worms and micro organisms – our exclusive soil mix ensures your plants are always vibrant, nutrient rich and full of flavour.

Servicing Sydney, the Central Coast & Newcastle, Think Vertical has the team and resources to ensure your vertical garden is a success!

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